Space Punks

I've been following Three Nails Photography (aka Hunter Leone) for a while. His most mind-blowing work, if you ask me, is his workshop stuff. He builds these elaborate sets and does absolutely Vogue-level art direction on a fairly low budget. Another thing I admire about him is how much he loves to share his knowledge. Back in August, he posted this video demonstrating how to execute a studio photoshoot on a $100 budget. When my friend Bevan came to town in September, I decided to give it a shot.

Bevan has been a dear friend of mine and Brad's since we were in high school. He moved to the magical city of Portland, OR a few years ago, and has since begun a career as a merchant marine. We don't get to see him very often, but when we do, the three of us usually go into creative kid mode. We embark on photo adventures, writing sessions, dance parties, and we doodle on paper table cloths and paint and make videos and stuff.

Last time he was in town, we decided to try this $100 photoshoot experiment. First, we started a Pinterest board for inspiration. Here are just some of the images we liked:

We visited a couple thrift stores and picked out the spaciest, glammiest, David Bowiest, robottiest stuff we could find. Then we bought a large canvas dropcloth and three shades of purple paint (one ultra light, one medium, and one dark) from Home Depot. We also bought some sparkly gold spray paint (Bevan had found a children's size Dallas Cowboys football helmet at the thrift store and had the genius idea to spray paint it and remove the mouthy piece thingy). I think all in all we spent less than $100. I should have documented all of this at the time. My bad.

We painted the canvas using the technique I learned from one of Hunter's other videos. While the paint dried, we gathered some other props from around my house (such as a pink wig I wore last halloween and some tinfoil which Bevan used to make a space-age turtleneck). Brad set up the lighting, opting out of a model position. Our roommate/my brother's girlfriend Melody took a break from her Stranger Things marathon to pose for a few pictures. I got in front of the camera for a few, too (Brad took those ones). Here's the result: